Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sq-Wish #14 FULL of Laughter and Tears from Texas!

4.4.09: That's right laughter--the kind that makes your side hurt and brings a tear to you eye! This Sq-wish comes from a new adoptive mom (she just returned home a few weeks ago with her daughter Matti) and new friend in Texas...she is my best medicine as she always makes me laugh--and I mean laugh out loud (LOL).

This Sq-Wish arrived in today's mail and the outside of the package made me laugh-out-loud as I pulled it from the mailbox. As you can see on the outside of the package was a note that reference an earlier post called "Happy Mail Day". For those that don't know--it's a day when you get no bills! I don't see many days like this--but have had a couple lately. And TODAY was one of them. The note she wrote on the outside of the envelope was "Postman-Please leave in mailbox if Lisa had no bills. I want her to have a HAPPY MAIL DAY. LOL" OK--too funny--so I proceeded inside and upon closer examination--I realized the POSTMAN had written a note too!!! It said, 'From the Mail Man, NO BILLS". :) I LOVE IT...can you believe it--hilarious--what a hoot! And of course there were some references to the great state of Texas that were also funny. We actually talk about moving to Texas--so maybe someday. SO YES IT WAS A HAPPY, HAPPY MAIL DAY!So it gets better--Inside the package was the softest morst adorable fleece. AND after I read the wish--I realized it was an incredible gift as well. The fleece she sent is from a blanket that they took to China with them and their daughter Matti used in her crib during their stay. Tears rolled down my cheeks I was so deeply moved. I know this sounds nuts--but I put it close to my face, thinking I could feel our Izabella--this blanket was in China, where our Izabella is and it made me feel closer to her just touching it. It's amazingly precious!!! Beyond words. God has blessed me with a new friend and I am immeasurable thankful for her and all she does for me.
I can't wait for her and Matti and her family to meet Izabella. She is a true inspiration in so many ways--thank you from the depths of my heart Tonya.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a Dragon Fly Sq-Wish from my Little Brother and his fiance'

3.15.09: This SQ-Wish is from my brother and soon to be sister-in-law (how good does that sound?!)--Izabella's Aunt and Uncle! Besides the fabric (as you can see being absolutely precious and very meaningful) they included a little dragonfly story that is so fitting for our lives. My heart took a leap and a smile grew on my face as i read the beautiful and brave dragon fly made his journey to new life--and how he never forgot those he left behind--that too would find their destiny in their turn. Although, he really wanted to go back and tell them all--this place they thought was the "end" was truly just the "beginning"! Sweet.

Don and Dodi--I don't think you know it but when I think of your house up on the hill you built -- I think of that beautifu little pond you had there. And I remember so vividly spotting several BEAUTIFUL dragon flys fluttering about the pond grass. I thought for sure I took a picture of them--but I can't find it anywhere--perhaps it's just embedded in my memory. So...truly this is a very special Sq-Wish indeed! If I can find the picture I'll post it. And I love dragon flys-don't think you knew that either. Hmmm....God works in mysterious ways.

Your Sq-Wish will bring much good luck, blessings and good to our izabella--that's for sure!

AND--you sent 4 squares!!!! So very excited about a that! I'll need them! And all the most wishes and good luck! Thank you for your enormous generosity and all the thought you put into this very special gift.

Truly--I am so touched--And most special is the fact that this is the first Sq-Wish from my family-or Dan's for that matter! So...all these first! How cool it that! I love, love, love it! Can't say it enough.

You all can see how gorgeous this Sq-Wish is--but in my eyes the beauty is much deeper than the fleece. :) I will have fun telling Izabella about Don and Dodi and that sweet story "about the dragonfly that could and did" and about the beautiful dragon flys they have in Vermont at a little pond, at a special place.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SqWish#12: Not my family--but feels like family...

3.7.09: This family is so special to me. Ever since I moved to Iowa they have become like a second family to me. We've shared holidays, birthdays, weddings, new babies and unfortunately even funerals. I am eternally grateful for their open arms and open hearts to a stranger to iowa that loved it so much she decided to make it "home". Thank you for all you do and this Sq-Wish is so special, I can not wait for Izabella to meet you all!

SqWish #11: Brown, Orange and Pink Dots...

3.7.09: This sq-wish is from a family all the way in California! She is a special blog friend and swap sister that knows I love pink and brown! I LOVE this square it's so FUN and full of vibrant life, just as I picture my Izabella to be. Thank you so much Stephanie.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sq-Wish#10--"Good Luck" Lady Bugs and "Hope Filled" Butterflys

3.5.08: I rec'd this color set of squares a couple days ago--they are so perfect for us. I especially love the lady bugs and butterflies one--as brings us good luck and hope. Who could ask for more? :) God has truly blessed us. This group of friends from around the world are more than I had ever imagined. Mostly they inspire me. Somedays I feel as close to them as a life long friend. It's amazing how this journey we're on together bonds us.

The other square is soooo art-sy--it's absolutely gogeous. Thank you Christine and Family. You're precious to me. Izabella will just love them both.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sq-Wish #9--All the Way from Overseas!

2.21.08--I can hardly believe I pulled rec'd a package from out of the US! I've never gotten anything from another country--especially over the sea--that is truly special! My friend--you are so special. I've so enjoyed our emails..and getting to know you. I am always amazed at how different it is there--I always thought your country was so similar to ours. Much to my delight it is not--it's more fun that way. AND I don't have anything Disney either! It's soooo soft--and the best part is you sent the whole 1/4 know me well--I will surely make mistakes and this allows me to not stress about it on your're so funny. I've just learned this square is more special than I imagined--seems she purchased a blanket, cut this portion off--and now her and her family use the remaining blanket to cuddle up with...I LOVE that's pretty special...I think. I will share this lovely gift and the way it connects us across the sea and around the world. Thank you my friend--yourr wish touched my heart--your fleece makes me smile....I can't wait to tell Izabella about my silly friend overseas. Lovely.


2.21.08--I love this fleece. It makes me happy! And it's my mom's (Izabella's Grammy) faviorite...she just kept saying...I really like this one. Me too! You're so kind Petrie--and I want to thank you too for all your wisdom in our group. You are a wealth of knowledge for us "newbies". A blessing. Our Izabella will know all about you.